Unica – fashion show

Alpaca Samka Unica fashion show  collection featured at the  Ethical Fashion Show 2010, Paris.

This was our first timeless collection, the Unica or “unique” collection that we have continued to develop for many years, adding new designs each season. This collection was inspired by nature, with mostly one of a kind garment highlighting textures and natural colours from the alpacas, combined with traditional and contemporary weaving patterns.

All our traditional processes are by hand. The alpacas are raised in natural high altitude pastures where the Aymaras live, in the Andes highlands (known as the  “Altiplano”) of Chile and Bolivia. They are bred and kept in conditions free from any stress or pesticides. The fibre is hand sheared once a year and then hand spun to produce hand-woven accessories, textiles and fabrics.

We only use the alpaca’s natural colours, combined with both naturally occurring dyes and some biodegradable chemical dyes. Textiles are hand washed only once, therefore water consumption and pollution is kept to a minimum.