Old Port

This collection was inspired in the dandy look from the Old Port of Valparaíso which was the main port of European immigration entry into Chile at the beginning of the twentieth century.  We took ideas from the book “Dreaming Valparaíso” by Manuel Peña that discussed the British influence in the heritage and development of the port of Valparaíso.

The Old Port collection is made up of handwoven garments and accessories such as scarves, shawls, wrap capes and waistcoats using the natural colours from the alpacas.

This collection was first shown at Pasarela Valparaíso 2016.

The second half of the last century was unfavourable to Valparaíso. The opening of the Panama Canal was a huge blow to the economy of Valparaíso as European shipping was able to avoid the much longer, and more arduous, Cape Horn route. Also, Chilean mineral nitrates exports declined as the synthetic substitutes began to be used further reducing maritime commerce in the region.

Today, many thousands of tourists visit Valparaíso from around the world to enjoy the city’s labyrinth of cobbled alleys and colourful buildings. The port of Valparaíso continues to be a major distribution centre for container traffic, copper, and fruit exports. Valparaíso also receives growing attention from cruise ships that visit during the South American summer. Most significantly, Valparaíso has transformed itself into a major educational centre with four large traditional universities and several large vocational colleges. The city exemplifies Chilean culture, with festivals every year, and street artists and musicians. In 2003, the historic quarter of Valparaíso was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.