Now available for the first time in the UK

For the first time in the UK, Alpaca Samka brings a stunning collection of unique accessories and garments, hand-made from alpaca fibre… ideal for cool summer evenings or the chill of winter.

We value simplicity and authenticity, where less is more. Our garments and accessories are produced using sustainable, environmentally-friendly processes. Based on traditional Andean production methods, and since re-discovering that the Aymara peoples originally wove for the 19th century British immigrant workers of the potash saltpetre offices in the Atacama Desert, we incorporate traditional British heritage weaving patterns to produce timeless collections celebrating both the Aymara’s weaving methods combined with the historic British textiles legacy.

For Alpaca Samka, clothing is an Art – we do not follow fashion trends but create mostly “one of a kind unique pieces”, always concerned with production processes and optimum results producing timeless collections of the highest quality textiles with an infinite lifespan and always carrying the essence of nature.

For us, the Alpaca fibre, and using the most environmentally friendly production processes to obtain the final product, is vital – PLUS having a positive social impact while keeping the ancient traditions of our Aymara collaborators.

Alpaca Samka ..ideal for cool summer evenings or the chill of winter.